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Magnesphere ™

Churma Chiropractic Center in Monroeville, PA has a new addition to their office! It’s called the MAGNESPHERE ™!!

Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Therapy uses gentle magnetic fields found naturally in everyone, we help rebalance your body at the molecular level and create a “Relaxation Response”.

This allows Dr. Churma to help you address any number of symptoms commonly associated with this modern stress filled world in which we live in…issues such as pain, stiffness, anxiety, energy level, and sleep, and to do so without any additional drugs, shots, or surgeries.

The technology is based on the principle that different tissue types respond to different magnetic fields, nerves different than bone different than muscle, tendon, ligament, and so on. Our treatment sessions last 1 hour and will immerse your body in a very precise, uniform magnetic field that will change approximatley 5 to 15 times during the hour. Each magnetic field will be addressing a different tissue throught to play a role in your problem. The recommended therapeutic for most problems is 4 to 6 treatment sessions over a period of 2 weeks. During this time Dr. Churma will determine which of the hundreds of magnetic field protocols available, will be best for you and we give your body time to do what the body does when its back in balance,..heal!

While some patients may feel a great response at the first session, most require a longer period. During the relaxation sesssion you may feel tingles, tickles or a warmth sensation in particular areas of the body, most people will feel a deep sense of relaxation and many will fall asleep.

Welcome to the Magnesphere ™.. and here’s to better health